Apr 14, 2011

Small Intimate Weddings

We just attended a friend’s wedding. It was small and personal —and the most meaningful and tender wedding we have attended. There was a dinner the night before at a local restaurant. The next day, before the ceremony, appetizers and drinks were served; after the ceremony were toasts, photos, cake and champagne.

Everyone, especially the bride and groom, got a chance to talk with everyone.

Sometimes these are destination weddings, renewal of vows, a second wedding, a wedding before moving across the country to the family for a celebration, or to another continent , or just a preference for a smaller, more private event.

Guest list is limited to very close family and friends and usually just a maid or honor and best man, usually under 20 people.

The event can be held at a home, an inn, city hall or a chapel. If at home, remember the chairs, tables, decorations and tableware. Or the ceremony can be followed by a dinner at a restaurant.


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