Dec 13, 2011

It's chilly out there. Think of moving inside for your ceremony.

If you are going to have a small ceremony in Loudoun this winter, think of the little chapel on Wirt Street NW, downtown Leesburg. These photos are courtesy of Paula Lockhart, Four Seasons Photography.

Coming down the steps at WoWS

Reception at a local restaurant
It's chilly out there. Think of moving inside for your ceremony. Call us for a tour.
We are just around the corner from the Loudoun Courthouse.


Nov 25, 2011

Leesburg in December

Holiday activities include a parade, a craft show and a Christmas Tree & Menorah Lighting Ceremony.

The town is always charming but even more so with the Christmas lights and the store decorations.  

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
December 17th, 12-3pm
Bring your receipt from any downtown business dated December 10-17th 2011 and get a FREE horse drawn carriage ride. Rides will be first come first served and will only run 12-3pm courtesy of the Leesburg Downtown Business Association.

And don’t forget First Friday and Girls’ Night Out:
First Friday
December 2, 6-9pm
Live music, shop specials, wine tastings, strolling carolers, and surprise Santa pop ins at the open shops and businesses.

Girls Night Out
December 15th 6-9pm
Enjoy secret Santa themed shopping night with shop and restaurant specials throughout the evening event.

Find Shopping information at

Weddings – on Vacation

Never one to miss a photo op, I saw this young bride and groom while touring Israel. Such a lovely, happy couple.

Oct 7, 2011

DIY # 6 How to Pin on a Boutonniere

The man’s boutonniere in pinned on the left side (over the heart). Most experts tell you to angle the boutonniere, have the flower in the middle and at the broadest part of the lapel, pin (start in the back of the lapel) usually from bottom up into the stem. Use a second pin if not secure. What you don’t want is to have it flop or move during the event.

As with all of life, practice, practice, practice. in the weeks before the event, practice on some willing friend.

Keep the flowers fresh. Put them in the refrigerator—chilling them before use will make sure they are good looking and long lasting.

An unusually look is the non-flower found at, shown in this photo, but the pinning will be the same (from

Helpful videos: and

Sep 23, 2011

DIY #5 Activities for Children attending a Wedding

For the most part, weddings are adult events. During the day itself, there is a lot of down time for the kids. But there are many ways to add some fun into the day for the children.

Remember their tastes as you choose food and drinks for the various meals that day.
One cute idea to provide some entertainment for the children is a coloring book customized to your wedding. See for a made-to-order book.

Most experts suggest individualized activity bags. You can go to a discount store and buy little paper bags, put the child’s name on each and add stickers, crayons, and other items of interest to the children.

If you have a separate room for the kids, decorate tables, add a TV with a DVD player and get some movies, bring in a Wii game, hire sitters who can help with games such as
Seeking Sitters, 703-662-3172,
White House Nannies, Inc. 703-838-2100,
Andy’s Parties, 703.757.2386,

Many web sites will provide you with great suggestions:

Here is one of the Birkby House’s Event Manager’s favorite stories about a ring bearer: As the little boy takes the rings up the aisle, every few steps he turns around, makes a ferocious face and growls at the crowd. The crowd laughs hysterically but no one understands. Later, when he's asked what he was doing, he seriously answers, "Being the ring bear!"

Sep 14, 2011

What's in a Number? 11 11 11

Special Offer for your Special Day
Friday, November 11, 2011
Weddings on Wirt Street, the small chapel located at 3 Wirt Street NW in Leesburg, is pleased to announce a special offer for ceremonies performed on November 11th. “Our goal is to perform eleven weddings that day,” said Suzanne Fox who manages the venue.

November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) is the next to last date with matching months, days and years until 12/12/12 and then it will be nearly a century until that sequence reoccurs (01/01/2101). Don’t want to wait a month and a year or a century to have a memorable wedding date? The lovely chapel will be available as early as 6AM and as late as 11PM at one-hour intervals for a special price of $111.11 (tax included but not including the charge for the officiant).

You will, of course, need a valid Virginia marriage license and an official to perform the ceremony. You may bring your own clergy or the Loudoun County Clerk of Courts can provide a list of licensed Civil Celebrants. The special is limited to 10 or fewer guests including the wedding couple. Longer and larger events can also be accommodated at a nominal additional charge.

Several restaurants in the historic district will provide gift certificates for post-ceremony meals or refreshments.

If you are interested in having an anniversary date you will never forget,  please contact Suzanne Fox, 703.777.2927 or for more information.
The Little Chapel on Wirt Street, Leesburg

Sep 1, 2011

The Town of Events and Parades, part II

Leesburg hosts a wide variety of downtown events.

On August 19th, the 10th Motorcycle Ride of the America’s 9/11 Foundation, dedicated to first responders nationwide. The foundation raises money for a scholarship program for children of active first responders,

This ride began in Somerset PA, stopped at the Pentagon, and ended at for the World Trade Center site in New York City. On its way to the Pentagon, Leesburg was pleased that it drove through our Town.

An excellent video of the ride through Leesburg can be seen at

A rider’s perspective of the entire trip can be found at

Aug 27, 2011

The Town of Events and Parades, part I

Throughout the year, downtown Leesburg merchants host First Fridays -- when the shops stay open in the evenings and many musicians play at the various shops, Thoroughly delightful and fun.

On Saturday nights, Acoustic on the Green entertains the crowd with a myriad of different musical groups throughout the summer months,

On Sunday evenings also during the summer, the Bluemont Concert series performs at Dodona Manor, originally the home of General George C. Marshall,

On the third Thursdays the downtown cerebrates Girls Night Out, from 5-9PM.

Come downtown, visit the shops, hear the music, dine, and enjoy these fine events. 

Aug 25, 2011

What's in a Number?

Getting married by the Number (day and month and year) is one way to choose your wedding date.

From eHow: point number 5 on how to choose a wedding date:
If you can, choose a cool wedding date. For example, 11/11/11 or 8/9/10 makes excellent and memorable wedding date. Just be aware that there is a lot of competition for these dates, so you'll have to book early to grab a day like these.

We’ve missed 2008, but 2011 November 11th is coming up and so is 9/10/11. Think how easy it will be to remember—there will be no excuse in forgetting this anniversary!

Call us for exceptional rates in hosting your ceremony on 11/11/11. A perfect day to marry. 703.777.2729.

Aug 11, 2011

DIY # 4 for the man, Proposals

Even today, it is the man who often proposes. So how is this done?

Wedding Channel has a well organized list. Look for The Top 12 Rules of Proposing, Or go to and search for The Perfect Proposal. At How to Do Things, a useful worksheet is provide.

All articles say to keep her in mind. You know her, right? What does she like? Think about how, when, and where, and check out your approach. Make it personal via the right location (such as first date restaurant), significant day or date, favorite flower or special song. Think of your time together and select something meaningful for the two of you.

Another site with fun information is

Scan the web, jot down ideas you feel most comfortable with, move ahead with a proposal for a lifetime.

Aug 5, 2011

Event at Weddings on Wirt Street

A great event, a shower, took place at the little brick house, Weddings on Wirt Street. Call Suzanne Fox if you have a shower coming up. 703.777.2927,

Aug 4, 2011

DIY #3 Your Wedding Vows and More

You can find quite a lot of wedding assistance on the internet. There are sites that will help you select readings, write vows, figure out placement of your attendants, explain processional and recessional ideas and tell you how to conduct a rehearsal.

Farm to Fork—eat local - drink local

Farm-to-Fork LoudounSM is a collaborative effort between the agricultural, culinary, and winery communities of Loudoun County, Virginia. … (it) brings the fresh bounty of Loudoun farms and vineyards direct to the tables of its finest eating establishments in a celebration of community and food.

Loudoun Wineries

Almost 30 wineries make their home in Loudoun Country.

The oldest, Willowcroft,, opened in the early 1980s.

The vineyards at Willowcroft date back to the early part of the modern viticulture era of Virginia. They were planted at a time when advisors from the Virginia Extension Service still considered growing European varieties to be very risky business indeed. The first vines were planted in 1980, Those first vines died and were replanted the following year. The second planting survived. Many of those vines grow to this day, and you can see them in the home vineyard.

Most wineries have events during the weekend, music, festivals, dinner. Come out and enjoy the countryside: ,

Jul 15, 2011

DIY #2 How to Make Your Wedding Bouquet and His Boutonnière


Some brides are very skillful at creating flower arrangements. If you want to try your hand at your bouquet, you might take a look at these sites. As always, practice enough time before the wedding just in case you need to call in some help.

Be sure to put the bouquet in a vase of water until the ceremony.


Boutonnieres are a little easier since they require a minimal number of floral items. Start with these and see if you will feel comfortable making the bouquets.

With these, we might want to keep them refrigerated until the event. Or make then a little longer, place in a jar/vase with water, and cut off to size before pinning them on.

Don’t forget, the boutonnière is pinned on the left lapel.

Jun 24, 2011

Your Wedding Officiant

Whether the person who marries you is a friend or a minister, this is your officiant. Each state has its own rules. Visit Virginia’s to find out theirs.

If the officiant is from another state be sure to call the Circuit Court in the county where you will marry for s/he may need to sign a petition and provide a filing fee.

A friend can marry you by getting a One-Time license. In Loudoun County the rules are:

To be a Civil Celebrant or One-Time-Ceremony Civil Celebrant, the individual(s) must reside in Loudoun County.  A petition must be filed and a $84 filing fee paid to the Circuit Court.  The completed petition will be forward to Circuit Court judge for his review and approval.  Once the order has been approved, the petitioner must post a $500 surety bond and take an oath before the Clerk.
Information about the decision process when selecting an officiant is available at
the National Association of Wedding Officiants:

To obtain a marriage license see  

Jun 23, 2011

DIY#1 Tie a Tie

Althought brides can hire assistance or buy everything needed for their weddings, some will go the way of DIY for parts of the event.

There are many DYI projects for weddings and the internet has a myriad of assistance for brides, and their DYI wedding projects. YouTube and the Images search on browsers are most helpful because weddings are a very visual event. 

An example is learning how to tie a bow tie. Sites like  and  provide visual diagrams as well as directions to be able to tie any type of tie.

While there are many great sites out there describing how to tie a bow tie, you might want to look  at these early. For unless you practice, this may not be an easy task for you.

May 8, 2011

New Sign

Check out our new sign -- ready for our summer season. The Copper Beech as leafed out and the gardens are beautiful.

Summer Comes to Leesburg

Beginning of Spring
The cooler weather and the many moist days give the area green, green grass and longer lasting flowers.

Virginia has a wide and beautiful variety of flowers and foliage. This weekend was the culmination of the azalea blooms. Virginia is known for their azaleas. The United States national Arboretum is in the NE section of DC:,
Admirers come to the U.S. National Arboretum’s Azalea Collection every spring to witness one of Washington’s premier spring attractions.  Thousands of azaleas cover the flanks of Mount Hamilton in a blaze of color.  The first warm days bring out the flowers, and the slopes take on a surreal, almost luminescent glow.  Few shrubs have more impact on the spring landscape–azaleas are an enduring favorite in gardens throughout the country.

The Arboretum has many other displays and collections as well

Other interesting web sites supplying information on our plants are:
From the Charlottesville Garden Club information on Container Gardening—some useful information and other links.

Garden forum for Virginia:

Apr 25, 2011

Helpful Web Sites for Smaller Weddings

There are a few web sites that are designed to give informatin and ideas for smaller weddings. However, smaller wedding is an undefined term. It sometimes means less that 50 guests, often less then 100 guests. It seldom means 20 or so which is what I think of when I think of a small wedding.

At our Chapel, ceremonies are often about 10-25 guests. The bridal party is small, usually just a MOH and best man. Check your state for their laws about witnesses. Marriage License Information for Loudoun County is found at

Before or after the ceremony there may be a few appetizers or a toast and cake, then the bridal party and guests either walk or drive to one of the nearby restaurants for dinner. It is often find it easier to hold the ceremony in a different site than the restaurant.

A few of the web sites I found with good ideas are
Photo courtesy of Marc Kent Photographers.

Apr 14, 2011

Small Intimate Weddings

We just attended a friend’s wedding. It was small and personal —and the most meaningful and tender wedding we have attended. There was a dinner the night before at a local restaurant. The next day, before the ceremony, appetizers and drinks were served; after the ceremony were toasts, photos, cake and champagne.

Everyone, especially the bride and groom, got a chance to talk with everyone.

Sometimes these are destination weddings, renewal of vows, a second wedding, a wedding before moving across the country to the family for a celebration, or to another continent , or just a preference for a smaller, more private event.

Guest list is limited to very close family and friends and usually just a maid or honor and best man, usually under 20 people.

The event can be held at a home, an inn, city hall or a chapel. If at home, remember the chairs, tables, decorations and tableware. Or the ceremony can be followed by a dinner at a restaurant.


Flowers in Leesburg

Spring is here—as of March 20th.

And this weekend, April 16th and 17th, Leesburg has it’s annual Flower and Garden Show:

Historic Downtown Leesburg will once again be in full bloom as lush landscapes and gorgeous gardens fill the streets. On April 16 and 17, 2011, over 130 vendors will be on display, featuring landscape designs, gardening supplies, outdoor living items, plants, flowers, herbs and so much more! Stroll the streets and take in the sights and sounds of springtime. Whether gathering ideas for your new outdoor patio, stocking up on gardening supplies, or searching for a perfect gift for the avid gardener in your life, this event will have something for everyone! The event runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

For more information about the Flower & Garden Festival, call Ida Lee Park Recreation Center at 703-777-1368 or visit 

Virginia has a myriad of native plants, 3,500 plants native or naturalized here. The Flora Of Virginia Project is documenting and publishing a comprehensive reference work on these plants.

To find out more, go to   

Apr 2, 2011

Wedding Ceremony Chair Decorations

You can decorate all the chairs at a ceremony, or just the aisle chairs, or at a dinner the Bride's and Groom's chairs. Ribbon, sashes, flowers can all be used. These photos are from weddings at the Thomas Birkby House and WoWS. For other suggestions search wedding ceremony chair decorations on the internew or ask your DOC, wedding planner or florist.

Mar 19, 2011

Leesburg, Historic Downtown

Downtown Businesses
 Leesburg was established in 1758 at the crossroads of the major north-south Carolina Road (now U.S. Highway 15) and the east-west oriented Potomac Ridge Road (now Virginia Highway 7) and is the seat of government for Loudoun County established in 1757.

The town's rich history spans three centuries. The old downtown buildings reflect the early years in Leesburg’s history. Come visit and see this quaint town just 45 miles from Washington, DC and 14 miles from Dulles Airport.

Downtown Leesburg Businesses

Loudoun County Visitor Information:

Downtown Leesburg Dining, with private dining rooms:

Eiffel Tower Café, 107 Loudoun St, SW, 703-777-5142,

Lightfoot Restaurant, 11 North King Street, 703,771.2233,

Tuscarora Mill, 203 Harrison St. SE, 703.771.9300,

Palio Ristorante, 2 W. Market St., 703.779.0060,

Come to Leesburg for your Engagement Photos

This old colonial Town has lovely backdrops for your engagment photos. Whether you like brick, stone or German siding, picket fences or lovely shops, you will find the perfect scene and backdrop.

These Photos are Courtesy of Kim and Mac Kent Photographers.

Parking in Leesburg

From the Town site:

Downtown Parking 
Leesburg offers a variety of convenient parking options in the Historic Downtown to visitors, employees, and residents.

For more information on the Town of Leesburg Parking Garage rates, as well as a map of public parking areas in Downtown Leesburg, download a copy of the Downtown Leesburg Parking Guide (PDF 63K).

Mar 10, 2011

Copper Beech Tree

The large, handsome shade tree dominating the 3 Writ Street lot is a Copper Beech tree (Fagus sylvatica Purpurea). It is a slow growing deciduous tree of a magnificent size.  
It begins the year leafing a little late, starting with dark red-purple glossy leaves, later turning a bronzy green in the early autumn. It is of an impressive size with smooth silver-gray bark and a short wide trunk. It may attain ages of 200-400 years and  can reach a height of 50-60 feet with a spread of 40 to 50 feet. These long branches often droop down to the ground.

Copper Beech is an overall name for all cultivars of the European Beech with reddish to purple leaves. This color is due to high anthocyanin levels in the tissues, the same plant pigment responsible for the purplish color of many fruits and vegetables. Beech trees belong to the same family as oak trees and grow in all but Africa and southern Asia.
We are sure you will agree that this is magnificent tree in all four seasons.