Sep 23, 2011

DIY #5 Activities for Children attending a Wedding

For the most part, weddings are adult events. During the day itself, there is a lot of down time for the kids. But there are many ways to add some fun into the day for the children.

Remember their tastes as you choose food and drinks for the various meals that day.
One cute idea to provide some entertainment for the children is a coloring book customized to your wedding. See for a made-to-order book.

Most experts suggest individualized activity bags. You can go to a discount store and buy little paper bags, put the child’s name on each and add stickers, crayons, and other items of interest to the children.

If you have a separate room for the kids, decorate tables, add a TV with a DVD player and get some movies, bring in a Wii game, hire sitters who can help with games such as
Seeking Sitters, 703-662-3172,
White House Nannies, Inc. 703-838-2100,
Andy’s Parties, 703.757.2386,

Many web sites will provide you with great suggestions:

Here is one of the Birkby House’s Event Manager’s favorite stories about a ring bearer: As the little boy takes the rings up the aisle, every few steps he turns around, makes a ferocious face and growls at the crowd. The crowd laughs hysterically but no one understands. Later, when he's asked what he was doing, he seriously answers, "Being the ring bear!"

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