Jun 23, 2011

DIY#1 Tie a Tie

Althought brides can hire assistance or buy everything needed for their weddings, some will go the way of DIY for parts of the event.

There are many DYI projects for weddings and the internet has a myriad of assistance for brides, and their DYI wedding projects. YouTube and the Images search on browsers are most helpful because weddings are a very visual event. 

An example is learning how to tie a bow tie. Sites like http://www.tie-a-tie.net/  and http://folds.net/bowtie/  provide visual diagrams as well as directions to be able to tie any type of tie.

While there are many great sites out there describing how to tie a bow tie, you might want to look  at these early. For unless you practice, this may not be an easy task for you.

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